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Responsible Ship Recycling Supervision

CTI senior personnel have years of experience in ship recycling and well know the safety, environmental and work ability of many recycling yards. CTI can help the Owner select or short list a yard based on the Owner’s expectations, special requirements or desire to comply with any specific regulatory requirements.


CTI specialize in audits of recycling yards and have comprehensive audit check lists that cover all aspects of the yard’s compliance measures with regulatory, or with measures required by today’s corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, CTI have the capability and willingness to advise the yards on how to put into place corrective actions against any audit findings.

CTI are fully certified by most IACS members to conduct pre-recycling Inventories of Hazardous Materials (Part I, II and III) that can be done on a vessel that is planned for recycling, but still in service (Part I) and then just prior recycling (Part II and III).

CTI have experienced and trained staff to conduct supervisory activity during the entire process of recycling. These staff include daily supervisors who will send in weekly reports to Owners and unannounced special supervisory visits by senior staff, who will submit in-depth reports on the safety and environmental performance of the recycling yards. CTI is presently engaged in such services for world class Ship Owners.