CTI is approved by Australian Marine Safety Authority

Feb 20, 2015 4:11:00 PM

Centre Testing International CTI, as a pioneer and leader in the third-party testing and inspection service company, is proud to announce that CTI is the only non-Australian company, officially accepted by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority AMSA for the inspection, testing and reporting on the presence of Asbestos on Australian flagged ships. 

Asbestos may be perceived as a problem of the past however, this is unfortunately not the case as it is still found on 85% of new ships. CTI regularly performs pre delivery surveys on new builds and finds asbestos in their construction, this is a global issue because the material supply chain is global. The problem is mainly caused because suppliers are only required to give a declaration that an item is asbestos free and not provide a formal certificate itemizing material content. Over the years the issue of finding asbestos on newer ships has prompted SOLAS to state that all ships built after July 2002 should be asbestos free and they also acknowledge the only accurate way to determine this is by having an asbestos survey performed by an accredited marine specialist who can issue a recognised certificate of compliance. 

The survey costs for new ships are relatively inexpensive and on average an asbestos survey will cost approximately $10,000. Port state inspections throughout the world are on the increase and if asbestos is found it will be reported as a violation to the flag state. This violation could also compromise a charter agreement with the financial exposure of considerable damages and lost revenue. 

The Australian Government has been leaders in preventing the use of asbestos in Australia and has been very active in eliminating its use on Australian ships. AMSA and the Australian Customs require all Australian flagged ships, all drilling rigs, and foreign flag cargo ships, built since 2003, operating in Australian waters must have asbestos-free certificates, issued by specialist companies that are accepted by the Australian Government.The reason for this is AMSA have stated that some ships had asbestos free certificates, that were issued by foreign companies or ship builders, which on inspection were found to be inaccurate. 

CTI clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that: 

CTI are the only ISO 17020 accredited company in the world for asbestos surveying of ships.

We are recognised by several Government Authorities

We are a publically listed company managed by Senior Marine Managers.

We have a global presence and can provide cost effective service worldwide. 


It is interesting to note that both ship owners and now shipyards are using CTI for pre delivery asbestos surveys, which is in the owner and shipyards interest to stop any issues that might delay delivery.  


John chillingworth SVP and John Ren Director visit AMSA to discuss the extent of asbestos being found on 100 recent ship surveys.

Our other relevant certificates as specified in the following:
1. UKAS Accreditation Certificate (ISO/IEC 17025)
2. UKAS Accreditation Certificate (ISO/IEC 17020)
3. CNAS-ILAC Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (ISO/IEC 17025:2005)
4. LR Approved Certificate for Visual/Sampling Checks and Testing for Hazardous Materials
5. GL Approved Certificate for HazMat Expert Company
6. GL Approved Certificate for Hazmat Lab
7. GL Approved HazMat Expert (Mr.Di Ren; Mr.Yong Peng; Mr.Qingxi Meng; Mr.Cailiang Zhang)
8. CCS Approved Certificate for Qualitative Lab Testing and analysis of Asbestos
9. BOHS approved proficiency certificate in P405-Management of Asbestos in Buildings(Mr.Di Ren;Mr.Yong Peng)
10. US EPA approved asbestos inspector/management planner/removal project designer certificate

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