International ships will be faced with severe risk from targeted asbestos inspection of port

Feb 20, 2015 3:38:00 PM

From 1 January 2011, new installation of materials that contain asbestos shall, under SOLAS convention 2009 amendment issued by IMO, be prohibited.This provision applies to all operating and new building ships which within the applicable scope of SOLAS convention.


Since 2011, targeted asbestos inspection has been gradually carried outby international port state control organizations. Netherlands, for example, will carry out asbestos inspections for foreign ships visiting Dutch ports during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2012, the inspection action is undergoing now.PSC inspectors will be accompanied by an expert from an asbestos company who will take samples where necessary. These samples will be analysed and, if asbestos is found, the ship will have to

immediately contact its own flag

state to request an exemption certificate in accordance with MSC.1/circ. 1374. If the ship departs before the results of the analysis are known, a report will be made in THETIS, the Paris MOU database, if asbestos is present. If the ship visits a port within the Paris MOU region, a check will be made to see if the exemption certificate has been issued by the relevant flag state.


According to the inspection statistics of CTI, almost all the ships in service have been detected with asbestos containing materials onboard, most in the equipments or structural components. This can lead the international operating ship owner to an extremely high risk, and probably causing serious consequence as following: detention or other administrative sanctions may apply to the targeted ship, once ACMs have been detected onboard.


With the suggestions from CTI, ship owners can set out the risk inspection of potential asbestos existing onboard the ships, also corresponding corrective measures should be taken  as the regulatory compliance  evidence.

CTI provides internationally recognized ACMs investigation and abatement monitoring service within marine industry as following:

-       International accredited asbestos inspection and certification service

With the UKAS accreditation of ships asbestos inspection (based on ISO 17020), CTI is issuing asbestos investigation reports and certificates, and help to build up the asbestos management system onboard ship  in compliance with the requirements of European Union, Australia, the United States etc. and internationally acceptedby the PSC authority such like the Netherlands flag state.

Meanwhile, CTI is the only one agency which has been approved by Lloyd's Register Classification, Germany Lloyd's Register Classification and Chinaclassification society at the same time to carry out onboard asbestos inspection.


Background: NetherlandsNSI explicitly requires that ships asbestos investigation and certification body shall be accredited by the international accreditation bodies based on ISO17020 standard, and the mentioned accreditation body should be a member of IAF. For example, the CNAS, UKAS and SPRING, ect.




-       CTI provides laboratory analysis in accordance with requirementsof IMO


With the accreditation of CNAS, the asbestos analysis method we adopted full fills the latest IMO requirement (MEPC197 (62) Appendix 9).


-       CTI provides US Environmental Protection Agency recognized asbestos abatement work including onsite oversight of asbestos abatement work, abatement effect evaluation and  asbestos clearance certificate.

CTI has been recognized by US EPA to carry out onsite supervision and evaluation of the asbestos removal effect , and sign asbestos clearance certificate for the abated ships in accordance with US EPA reguloty requirement.

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