Green ship recycling? CTI helps!

Feb 20, 2015 3:34:00 PM

The recycling industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, and it is continually developed to be safe and green.

From the International Maritime Organization (IMO) side, as the “Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships” was adopted in May 2009, a series of new requirements focusing on Occupational Health and Safe and Environment of recycling industry had been introduced. In terms of European Union, the “Ship Recycling Regulation” is in the process of ratification. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that China published “Green Ship Recycling General Regulation” in 2005 to define the requirements on environment, health and safety. Accordingly, ship dismantling in China should take all relative regulations into consideration.

To enhance the green recycling capability of ship recycling yard, and to help ship owner to provide compliance evidence, CTI provides a package resolution, including:

1.      Hazardous materials inspection;

2.      Consultancy service for recycling facilities to develop “Ship Recycling Plan”;

3.      During dismantling process, performing supervisions, including:

Asbestos removal consultancy, air testing and final clearance inspection;

Hazardous materials removal and disposal;

safe-for-hot work and safe-for-enter ;

Environment monitoring for soil, air and water condition.

4.      Issuing Statement of Completion according to supervision results.


Why is Green Ship RecyclingChallenging?

Why is Green Ship RecyclingChallenging?

How Has CTI Made It Attractive?

It is too complicated to deal with documents and to meet global standards.

CTI has rich experience on legal compliance consultancy. We have prepared a package resolution for green ship recycling. Please leave your documentation and legal compliance work to us.

It is hard ship owners to demonstrate, and it is also difficult for recycling facility to prove the regulation compliance.

As a famous third party in China, CTI’s experts will be onsite to supervise the whole dismantling process, a statement will be issued according to the supervision results, so that to certify the compliance to the green recycling requirements. And this statement can be adequate evidence to demonstrate the competence of recycling facilities.

How do recycling facilities meet complex technique requirements of green ship recycling?

CTI’s HSE experts on the ground have in-depth knowledge and experience on green ship recycling to help facilities to overcome technique gaps.


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