Training service regarding lately applicated marine hazardous materials control regulation and approach

Feb 20, 2015 2:25:00 PM

Dear Sir/Madam:

Subject: Training service regarding lately applicated marine hazardous materials control regulation and approach


I am contacting you to offer our new 2015 training service regarding hazardous materials inspection, testing and certification. As regulated by just adopted EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU 1057/2013), all new EU ships need to be prepared an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) before delivery for earliest end of 2015. All existing ships (no matter EU flag or foreigner flag) must be equipped with IHM as latest 2020.

The above new requirement will bring new challenges to marine industry between construction, owner, charter and enforcement parties. Our experience based on 200 ships inspection database is 85% of newbuilding can still be detected hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Accordingly new practice and competence needs to be established to help all the stakeholders to improve the compliance level and to avoid any discrepancies. Since 2009, we have worked with International Maritime Organization, flag states, classification societies and industries to provide best practice and training service. we are confident to offer you our world leading knowledge and competence transfer program.

We will feel grateful if you can take 2 minutes to go through the following training details and feedback to us.


John Ren Di

Technical Director

CTI-POLY, a member of CTI group

+65 9836 4779 

Training Module

Training Content

Training Approach


Module 1: brief of IHM/asbestos requirement

- HK Convention

- EU Ship Recycling Regulation

- Requirements of Port states

- other international standards

Case study 1:

the dispute of asbestos threshold level

1 hr

Module 2: Recommended practice regarding how to generate, maintain /initial survey (approve and certify) the IHM  of newbuilding vessels?


- Introduction of the supplier approach,

- How to review the material declaration and supplier declaration of compliance?

- How to read and review Test report?

-The discrepancies of the supplier approach

Case study 2:

CTI investigation data analysis


Case study 3:

Initial survey of IHM for one newbuilding


Module 3: Recommended practice regarding how to generate, maintain /initial survey (approve and certify) the IHM  of existing vessels?


-  document analysis

-  prepare/ review the visual and sampling plan

Audit trial list will be shared with class to show the good/bad quality of VSCP

- onboard visual / sampling check based on a risk based technical approach.

- lab analysis

- Reporting


Case study 4:

Initial survey of IHM for one existing ship

1.5 hr

Module 4 Recommended practice regarding how to maintain/ annual / additional survey the IHM?


- survey scope of the new installation/repairing



Case study 5:

Annual survey of a conversion vessel


Module 5 Corrections and exemptions


- HSE requirement

- management and /or removal/mitigation of detected hazardous materials

Case study 6:

Additional  survey to verify the asbestos removal on a vessel in operation.



The course also includes interactive exercises, case studies, quizzes and a final examination.


-        Surveyors and auditors of Classification Societies

-        HSE professionals responsible for maintain hazardous materials Safety Management System on board ships(including offshore vessels and facilities)

-        Quality and technical personnel from the shipyard who are designated to prepare IHM for shipyard, repair yard and equipment manufacturers.


Course Place and Date:

April 10, 2015, Singapore

Course Fee: the first 15 applicants will be offered free, later applicants will be charged 200S$ per person.

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