The Hong Kong Shipowners Ass. hold seminar on Asbestos in new ships

Feb 20, 2015 2:17:00 PM

The Hong Kong Ship Owner Association organized the seminar and invited the international hazardous material specialists CTI marine,to update its members on the impacts of hazardous materials on ships and how asbestos is still being installed on new tonnage.

The Senior Vice President of CTI Europe John Chillingworth and Ren DiTechnical Director of CTI Marine division presented the case studies, statistical analysis which developed into an active discussion with the attendees. CTI marine are particularly qualified to talk on the subject as they have surveyed over 200 ships in the last 3 years.A lot of these ships were new and CTI are regularly employed by Ship Owners and Ship yards to survey ships for asbestos prior to delivery. Ship Owners are including clauses in their new build contracts that ships have to be surveyed by an independent accredited company to confirm the ship is in compliance and does not have asbestos in the construction.

Over 25 Attendees from ship owners, classification societies and Law firms of the industry attended the seminar. Gilbert Feng,Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Ship owners association said “This was one of the most informative and lively seminars the Hong Kong Ship owners association has held and we look forward to another presentation from CTI marine”.

The Principle Surveyor from Lloyds Register,Guangzhou Southern China, Muztaba Reza has invited CTI marine to hold the seminar internally for their local surveyors to assist in their quality control purposes.

Another attendee, Grace Hou, a senior Lawyer at the Hong Kong based law firm of Troutman Sanders, specializes with marine asbestos litigation, said “the cost of having an asbestos survey is insignificant compared to the huge potential litigation costs.”

Senior Managers from shipping companies such as OOCL, Flying Leaf, Fleet Management and Unique Shipping all welcomedthe opportunity to work with CTI marine in the future, they are aware it is a SOLAS requirement that ships built after July 2002 have to be asbestos free and if asbestos is found the flag state issues a non-renewable exemption certificate, that states the asbestos has to be removed within 3 years. The ship owners were particularly interested to hear that charterers are using the opportunity that if asbestos is found during a port authority inspection on a ship it gives them a get out to cancel a non-profitable charter agreement! The ship owners realize it is better to have an asbestos survey done to protect their interests.

Centre Testing International Co. Ltd. (CTI) is an internationally recognized laboratory and Certification of Compliance company. CTI have many accreditations including Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd and UKAS.  It is a publicly listed company employing over 3,000 people worldwide with revenues of over $100m.  The marine division is managed by former Senior DNV Surveyors, Government Marine Safety Surveyors, Senior Marine Technical Managers and Marine ex-Chief Engineers.

CTI is the only UKAS accredited inspection body to carry out asbestos surveys on ships and has a highly qualified motivated marine technical team that has performed hundreds of ship surveys and project managed asbestos removal projects worldwide. CTI can provide the client with a global network with offices in London, Singapore, Atlanta, Hong Kong and, Shanghai.

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