Ihm Survey For Existing Ship To Comply With Hong Kong Convention Certification

Compliance Regulation Requirement

The IMO adopted the HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND RECYCLING OF SHIPS in 2009. It is aimed at ensuring that ships, when being recycled after reaching the end of their operational lives, do not pose any unnecessary risk to human health and safety or to the environment. In addition, the Convention seeks to ensure the proper management of hazardous materials on board ships.

The Convention addresses all issues around ship recycling, including ships sold for scrapping may contain environmentally hazardous substances. Ships will be required to have an initial survey to verify the inventory of HazMat, renewal surveys during the life of the ship, and a final survey prior to recycling.

Hazardous materials can impair our life and environmental if without proper management. it has to be identified, managed and recycled during the whole ship lifecycle, from marine product supply chain, the newbuilding, ship repairing and finally to the ship recycling. While the Convention still relies on the concept of a ‘Green Passport’, if not all, operations, the term itself is no longer used. It is now known as the ‘Inventory of Hazardous Materials’ (IHM), though its intention remains identical. The IHM still covers the whole life of the ship, from construction and operation to preparation for scrapping at the end of the ship’s useful life. Existing ships with respect to Part I TABLE A of the Inventory

No. Materials Threshold level
A-1 Asbestos no threshold level
A-2 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) no threshold level
A-3 Ozone Depleting Substances no threshold level
A-4 Anti-fouling systems containing organizing compounds as a biocide 2500mg total tin/kg

CTI, as the international leader for IHM surveys, can provide the IHM survey to ensure that ships comply with the Convention, and guide shipyards to meet the requirements for Class issuing and endorsing an International Certificate on IHM and issuing an International Ready for Recycling Certificate.


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The Eu Ship Recycling Regulation

Cti Provide The Service

CTI's  Asbestos Abatement Consultants can assist you in the procurement and management of asbestos remediation and removal projects. Due to the potential for spiraling costs and programme over run it is becoming increasingly more important to procure asbestos removal services using a specification written by a specialist consultant. CTI can help you to  evaluate bids and deliver a tender review summary to the Client with  recommendation on the bids received. Asbestos removal management and contractor auditing can also be undertaken as part of a turnkey solution alongside asbestos fibre air monitoring

CTI has developed the marine asbestos health and safety risk evaluation approach according to IMO standards, accredited by UKAS, to ensure the evaluation result is fully in compliance with IMO requirements. For any high risk asbestos containing materials, CTI can be consulted to mitigate the risk and further to project manage the removal with an efficient and cost effective approach

Cti Company Qualification

The first and only UKAS accredited inspection body in the world to perform asbestos surveys on ships

The first foreign marine asbestos survey body recognized by Australian Maritime Safety Administration (AMSA)

The first foreign marine asbestos survey body recognized by Netherlands Ship Inspectorate (NSI)

The first IHM investigation body approved by LR, DNVGL in Asia-pacific area


Phases Turn Around Days Output
Plan 1-2 Visual and Sampling Plan
Mob. 0.5  
Onboard survey 2-4 Visual and Sampling Check Records
Demob. 0.5  
Lab analysis 5-7 Lab Testing Certificate
Report 1-2 Report
Asbestos register with risk assessment 0.2 Asbestos Register, Risk assessment
Certification 0.2 Asbestos Compliance Certificate, recognized by Australia, Netherlands, UK and US government
Total 10-16 days  

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