Poly NDT Pte Ltd被DNVGL认可为新加坡首家IHM服务供应商

Nov 10, 2016 9:16:00 AM


Poly NDT Pte Ltd隶属于华测集团海事服务,已经成为新加坡首家获得DNVGL船级社认可的船舶有害物质清单(IHM)服务的专家机构,也是为数不多的能同时满足香港拆船公约、欧盟拆船法规和有害物质清单编制指南的专家机构。

华测海事的技术总监Mr John Ren对笔者表示:“我们非常荣幸地成为DNVGL认可的提供IHM服务的新加坡首家机构,这是对我们现有的有害物质专家能力的肯定,基于DNVGL的支持和指导,我们坚信我们能持续满足海运业的最高准则”。

“香港公约、欧盟法规和IHM指南是整个行业推进绿色发展的重要步骤,因此DNVGL将有害物质专家的培训和发证作为促进行业的向环保目标迈进的重要举措,我们非常高兴的看到我们现在有强大的合作伙伴POLY NDT”,Mr Gerhard Aulbert,DNVGL全球拆船负责人表示

作为DNVGL认可的有害物质供应商,Poly NDT对船舶有害物质领域积累了相当深厚的技术能力和调查经验。

华测检测认证集团股份有限公司(简称"CTI")是一家集检测、校准、检验、认证及技术服务为一体的综合性第三方机构,是一家在5000多名雇员的上市公司。CTI集团隶属的CTI华测海事是立足于海事职业安全和环保专家的由英国及全球各分部组成的一个部门,CTI华测海事可追溯到于新加坡办公室(POLY NDT公司)于1975年成立至今已有40多年的历史。(更多关于CTI华测海事的信息可通过www.cti-ship.com了解)


Poly NDT Pte Ltd First Company in Singapore to be Certified as IHM Supplier

[Edited by DNVGL]

Poly NDT Pte Ltd, a member of CTI Marine Services has become the first Singapore company to obtain certification from classification society DNV GL a certified provider of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) services, becoming one of only a handful of companies worldwide that are able to offer IHM in compliance with the Hong Kong International Convention for the safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, The new European Ship Recycling Regulation (EUSRR) and the Guidelines for the Development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials.

Mr John Ren Director of CTI Marine Services said: “We are delighted to obtain the certification from DNV GL to be the first supplier in Singapore for the preparation of IHM.  It is a testimony to the skill o of the Hazmat experts we have.  With DNV GL’s support and guidance, we are confident that we can continue to meet the highest criteria set by the shipping industry.”


“The Hong Kong Convention, EU Regulations and the IHM guidelines are important steps taken by the industry to become more environmentally friendly. Therefore training and certification of HazMat experts are a vital part for DNV GL to contribute towards achieving the environmental goals of the industry.  We are pleased that we now have a strong partnership with Poly NDT,” said Mr Gerhard Aulbert, Global Head of Ship Recycling, DNV GL Maritime.


As a DNV GL certified HazMat supplier, Poly NDT now has even greater knowledge and competence in the field of hazardous materials found onboard vessels.

CTI (Centre Testing International Co. Ltd.) is an internationally recognized lab, inspection and Certification of Compliance company. It is a publicly listed company employing over 5,000 people worldwide. CTI Marine Services, a business arm of CTI is a true marine occupational safety and environmental specialist with the marine division being managed from UK and operated worldwide. CTI marine history can go back 40 years to 1975 when its Singapore office (POLY NDT) first started up. (more details referred to 

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