Marine Fuel Oil sampling and testing

International Convention For The Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments 2004  approved by IMO on 14th Feb. 2004 which entered into force from 08th September 2017, and Measures for Supervision and Management Of Ship Ballast Water and Sediment (Trial Implementation) published by The Maritime Safety Administration of The People’s Republic of China on 11th Jan. 2019 which entered into force on 22nd Jan. 2019. In accordance with this regulation, International Voyage Vessels engage in the related operations of ship’s ballast water and sediment management in the waters under Chinese jurisdiction, details as below:

  • less than 10 viable organisms per cubic metre greater than or equal to 50 micrometres in minimum dimension;
  • less than 10 viable organisms per millilitre less than 50 micrometres in minimum
  • dimension and greater than or equal to 10 micrometres in minimum dimension;
  • 3 discharge of the indicator microbes shall not exceed:

----(i) Toxicogenic Vibrio cholerae (O1 and O139) with less than 1 colony forming unit (cfu) per 100 millilitres or less than 1 cfu per 1 gram (wet weight) zooplankton samples;

----(ii) Escherichia coli less than 250 cfu per 100 millilitres;

----(iii) Intestinal Enterococci less than 100 cfu per 100 milliliters.:

CTI Marine Environmental Services:

  • Sampling on board
  • Indicative analysis and Detailed analysis (5-7 days in normal, 3 days in case of urgency)

Detailed analysis in laboratory

Indicative Analysis on ship

viable organisms (≥50um)

viable organisms (≥50um)

viable organisms (≥=10um,<50um)

viable organisms (≥=10um,<50um)

Toxicogenic Vibrio cholerae


Escherichia coli


Intestinal Enterococci



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